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Bexar Mowing LLC is a complete lawn care service provider, licensed in tree service , licensed in irrigation service and landscape lighting provider as well as custom holiday lighting provider. We offer many landscape service needs from basic mowing, edging and blowing to complete redesign and outdoor lighting needs. And do not worry about having to water your landscape either, here at Bexar Mowing LLC we will install a new system or fix up your old one. We understand you’re very busy and as much as everyone would all love to have a lush green lawn we understand you need our help and we are here to help you, from general lawn maintenance, to fertilization, weed control or any of our flowerbed maintenance needs. No worring about a long term contract at Bexar Mowing LLC we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction we do not need anyone to sign a long term contract, because that is how confident we are in our services.

Now is the time to put down that weed control or if you’re like me and want a green lawn through the winter then you should be putting down that rye grass seed just about now. Make sure to water in and do not apply a weed control after or you will find little success. By allowing Bexar Mowing LLC to provide all your lawn care needs will help ensure long term success with your lawn and landscape.

Some of our lawn services include no contract needed lawn mowing services, soil amendments to correct pH, liquid aeration to prevent damage to irrigation, lawn fertilizers for fuller thicker lawns and weed control to prevent and kill weeds.

We are licensed tree service providers. In addition to trimming and removing trees we also install them. We have a variety of trees from Magnolias, Oaks, Mountain Laurels, Sycamores and a wide variety of Crape Myrtles colors and varieties we can plant for you.

We are licensed to install irrigation systems or we can repair the one you have to maximize its potential to provide you with a lush green lawn.

Is your outdoor landscape too dark? No worry at Bexar Mowing LLC we provide low voltage LED landscape lighting to brighten up your landscape for not only beauty but also for safety needs.

Custom cut C9 LED Superbites, turn on and off on their own and the wreath turns on and off on its own as well. Choose any color combination or a solid one. Check our specials we typically offer a 2 for 1 on Halloween and Christmas!

Bexar Mowing LLC will help you choose the right plants for your lawn or garden landscape. We know about watering needs, sun requirements, pH preferences as well as how much fertilizer to put down and frequency so your plants have the best change of survival and vitality. We also provide mulch and flowerbed maintenance.

Many of our prices are based on property size, so if you need a quote many times we are able to provide one to you via text, email or over the phone. Just send us basic information such as your name, address, and the service you are seeking. If you’re looking for organic lawn care programs look no further than Bexar Mowing LLC. We are licensed applicators and are well versed in organic fertilizers and herbicides to keep your lawn and landscape free of pesky weeds.