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Lawn Care & Tree Service 

(210) 385-9410

How to Join Our Team

It is very important to Bexar Mowing who we hire. Before applying you must understand that mowing your yard is not the same as providing lawn service and tree trimming service as a professional. We have many applicants who feel they are experienced because they have mowed their own yard.

Working with us is completely different than most individuals expect. If you are not in the field of landscaping and are planning to apply you must realize this work is intense at times and it is not for everyone.

We work as a team, we are all equals, we expect respect from everyone from one to another bosses, supervisors, managers included. We also expect our clients to be respectful to our employees. We provide a service to others. The services we provide does not make us more or less of an individual human being. We are a very tight nit group of individuals who are working to support our families in a field we love.

You must have a love for this field if you are to do it well. We do not want anyone to join our team if you are going to be miserable on the job because it affects everyone. We are looking for individuals who have the desire to grow with us and stay for the long haul.

We have no problem training new individuals who are interested in joining our team. All we ask is that everyone applying be teachable. Those with know it all attitude don't last. We have been doing things a certain way for a long time, and it works. We are alway open to suggestion ourselves, however there are no guarantees your way will be accepted.

We hire both employees and subcontractors.

To apply fill out our application and submit it to [email protected]

You may also take a picture of it text it to (210) 385-9410

We will contact you by phone or email after receiving your application.

Please title the subject: BEXAR MOWING JOB APPLICATION